A visitor from Mars would probably assume that there wouldn't be much going on in a village. Market towns, possibly, big cities, almost certainly, but a little village such as Dunsfold, definitely not. Wrong. The trouble is that so much of the activity is not known by everyone.

Here, then, is a pretty well complete list of Dunsfold activities. So, if you want to improve your social life (or just your fitness), want to indulge in sport (or just watch it), want to set the world to rights (or just Dunsfold), then browse through this section and you'll almost certainly find something to suit your taste.

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Amateur Dramatics

Art and Crafts

Chat or Socialise


Fitness and Exercise


Improve the Environment

Indulge in Sport

Keep the Young out of Mischief

Make Music - Listen to Music

Pursue Politics

Amateur Dramatics

DADS (Dunsfold Amateur Dramatic Society): At present, the productions are in the autumn at the Winn Hall. There are occasional play readings and other activities. Many people, though, will be needed for the productions: stage-hands, electricians, make-up, front-of-house, dogsbodies - as well as those who might be prepared to go on the stage (and attend all the rehearsals necessary!). See the DADS Section of this website for more information. Contact: Gillian Kisch (Tel: 01483 200252).
Cost: membership is 5 pounds a year (the year starts in January).

Art and Crafts

Botanical Art : If your artistic interest is in depicting the form, colour, and details of plant species this is the group for you. The group meets weekly in the Nugent Room on Thursday mornings during term time.
Contact: Mrs Ursula Boisseau (Tel: 01483 200593).
Cost: Please contact Mrs Boisseau for details.

Dunsfold Art Club : The club holds classes of three terms a year (in the spring, summer and autumn) on Tuesdays and Wednesdays (10am - 1pm). The classes are held in the Winn Hall. The summer classes have a few tutored sessions in the Winn Hall followed by outdoor painting sessions organised on a class-by-class basis. The outdoor sessions usually include painting in members' gardens.
Contact: Lesley Skinner (Secretary) (Tel: 01483 200360 and Email:
Cost: Please contact the Secretary for details of the class fees.

Paddy Firmston-Williams - portrait

Paddy Firmston-Williams
President and Co-founder of Club
Portrait by Richard Woof (former Art Club member)

Dunsfold Art with Christopher Cole: Christopher Cole is a professional artist and teacher. He holds classes of three terms a year (in the spring, summer and autumn) on Friday mornings (9.30 to 12.00). The classes are held in the Winn Hall and cater for all media and levels of experience. He also organises outdoor sessions locally and as far as the coast in the summer.
Contact: Christopher Cole. Tel: 01428 717402, Email: Website:
Cost: Averages 15 pounds per morning less a 10% discount for over 60s when paying for the whole term. Each term may be a different length so please contact Christopher for details.

Dunsfold Church

Upholstery :
Contact: Lorraine Attwooll-Jones (Tel: 01428 651842).

Chat or Socialise

Bridge Club: An informal group of men who meet in the Sun Inn at 6.30pm on the second Tuesday of the month to play Bridge and have supper.
Contact: Richard Woof (Tel: 01483 201111).

Discussion Group: Apart from the summer, there are monthly evening meetings (the second Tuesday in the month) in various members' houses to hear speakers on a wide variety of topics.
Contact: Mrs Sandy Gray (Tel: 01483 200916).
Cost: Membership is free, but there will be some cost when you host a meeting.

DOGS (Dunsfold Old Girls Society): A group of girls (not necessarily young or ex-pupils of Dunsfold Primary School!) who meet for lunch once a month on a Thursday, in different local pubs.
Contact: Christine Woof (Tel 01483 201111).
Cost: There's no fee, but the cost of the food will be dictated by your appetite you must also live (or have lived) in Dunsfold.

Evergreens: These senior citizens (ie those over 60) meet on the first Wednesday in the month, usually in the Winn Hall at 12.30pm. There are garden visits, talks and outings.
Contact: Sarah Mason (Tel: 01483 200823).
Cost: Annual membership is 5 pounds.

Jubilados: A group of retired men who meet on Tuesdays in the Sun Inn at 11.00am for coffee and drinks. There is also lunch on the first Tuesday of the month in different local pubs.
Contact: Richard Woof (Tel: 01483 201111).
There's no fee, but you'll have to pay for what you consume.
(By the way, pretend you are Spanish to pronounce the name correctly.)

KGV Social Club: If you're already a member of another club that uses the KGV (such as the Dunsfold Football or Tennis Clubs), your subscription will automatically make you a member of the KGV Social Club - so you can go along to their bar and drink!
Contact: [to be added]

Springbok Social Club: This club is on the Springbok Estate on the Dunsfold boundary. Newly refurbished bar and social area provides air conditioning and comfortable seating, plus access to outside seating with views over the South Downs.
Telephone: 01403 752555 during office hours only 9-5 Monday to Friday
Address: Care Ashore, Springbok Estate, Alfold, Cranleigh, Surrey GU6 8EX.
Website: Care Ashore's website.
Cost: Annual membership is 5 pounds.


St Mary and All Saints is the Dunsfold Parish Church. Please see the Churches Section for more information including times of services.
Contact: Revd Dr Stephen R White - The Rectory, Church Green, Dunsfold, Surrey GU8 4LT Tel: 01483 200048.

Fitness and Excercise

Contact: Ms Nicky Pride (email:

Dunsfold Tennis Club: The Club meets on Tuesday and Friday evenings (6.00pm - 10.00pm) for the Club nights on the two tennis courts at the KGV. There is a bar if you feel thirsty. Contact Peter Lawrence (email: our club secretary for information on membership or just come down on a club night, you will be made most welcome. We welcome all standards. We play inter-club matches as well as just friendly club tennis.
Contacts: Mrs Sarah Sellar (Chairman) on 01483 200489 and Peter Lawrence (Club Secretary) on email:
Cost: 50 pounds a year - or 15 pounds for those aged 16 or under. Special family subscription rate available.
Website: Dunsfold Tennis Club's website

Tone and Groan (more politely known as the Ladies Keep Fit Class): The Winn Hall on Monday mornings at 10am is where ladies, especially those over 50, try to get even fitter in an hour.
Contact: Joanna Richardson (Tel: 01483 200510).
Cost: £5 per session – but better if you pay in advance for 10 sessions, when the cost will be only £40.

Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga therapy for muscular/skeletal problems is also available.

Contact: Mrs Cecily Sumner (Tel: 01483 208063).


Church Flower Guild: Members supply and arrange the flowers in Dunsfold Church. Sometimes there are events, such as weddings, when flowers are needed in addition to Sundays.
Contact: Mrs Julia Quaile (Tel: 01483 200306)

Dunsfold & Hascombe Horticultural Society: There are visits and there are talks. There are also three shows a year in the Winn Hall. New members are always welcome – and they don‘t have to be experts.
Contact: Sahana Chanda (Tel: 01483 201036).
Cost: 9 pounds a year (4.50 pounds for retired people) - and you could easily recoup that with the discounts at garden centres.

Improve the Environment

Friends of Dunsfold Common: Especially of interest to those who have property in Dunsfold Parish, as the preservation and improvement of Dunsfold Common is the main aim. For more information about Friends of Dunsfold Common see the separate page in the Countryside Section.
Contact: Alastair Bentall (Tel: 01483 200071).
Cost: There is no set membership fee, but donations by covenant or banker's order are welcome (the organisation is a registered charity).

Neighbourhood Watch : All good citizens keep their eyes peeled for suspicious characters or events. It helps to belong to the Neighbourhood Watch - more road/area representatives welcomed.
Contact: Rosie Brough (Dunsfold co-ordinator) Tel: 01483 200265.

Indulge in Sport

Dunsfold Cricket Club : Has remained true to its roots and spurned the onslaught of league cricket. Dunsfold CC only plays friendly (but very competitive!) matches almost always at home (on the village green, near the war memorial) on Sundays starting at 2.15pm usually finishing, and in the Sun Inn, by 7.30pm! Our opposition varies from the local villages such as Plaistow, Alfold, Chiddingfold, Hambledon, and Wonersh to wandering sides such as the Butterflies, Flemish Giants, Ancient Mariners and Magpies. Our season starts at the end of April and finishes in early September. Many of our players have played a decent level of cricket in the past and now have different priorities such as young families, and so enjoy the relaxed, family friendly, atmosphere provided by the club. All spectators are very welcome especially around tea-time (usually 4.45pm).

The meticulously prepared cricket pitch can be hired for a nominal fee on Saturdays (contact Paul Whitney Tel: 01483 273786)

Contacts: Captain - Oliver Bell (Tel: 01483 267896; email: and Chairman - Larry Westland (Tel: 01483 200289; email:
Cost: 30 pounds a season for playing members.
Website:: Dunsfold Cricket Club's website

Dunsfold Football Club: The 'Home Ground' is the KGV field, where there is training on Wednesday evenings at 7. The matches are on Saturday afternoons in the Surrey Intermediate League.
Contacts: Chairman - Simon Doyle (Tel: 07918 723572) and Secretary - Jennifer Phillips (Tel: 07736 468762)
Cost: 20 pounds a year (but cost may go up slightly after the next AGM!).

Dunsfold Football Club Junior: For youngsters 8-12 years. Training on the KGV field on Tuesday evenings 6.00pm to 7.00pm, Contact: David Thompson (Tel: 01483 273140)

Dunsfold Short Mat Bowls Club: As this is an indoor event, the weather has little effect on it. Your skill at this sport can be tested on Monday afternoons (2 hours from 2.15pm) in the Winn Hall - equipment provided. But you must put on suitable footwear to play!
Contact: Mrs Anne Cannings (Tel: 01483 200175).
Cost: 1 pound membership for a year plus 2 pounds a session.

Dunsfold Tennis Club: A friendly village-run club with two courts. Lively club sessions are held on Friday evenings (6.00pm onwards) at the KGV. The bar is open until late. Contact Peter Lawrence (email: our club Chairman or Sam Goldman (email: our Secretary for information or just come down on a Friday night, you will be made most welcome. We welcome all standards and run coaching courses for junior and adult members as well as Cardio tennis for those wanting to improve their fitness.

Please see the website for more information:

Cranleigh and Dunsfold Karate Club: Self defence techniques taught, including knife defences and escape techniques. Teaching in the Wado-Ryu style. Everyone welcome. If you want to get fit, improve your self-confidence or are interested in the theory and application of martial arts you will find us on the following nights -
Tuesdays 7.30pm - 9.30pm at The Winn Hall, Dunsfold
Fridays 7.00pm - 9.00pm at Snox Hall, Knowle Lane, Cranleigh.
Contact: Ian Hunter (Tel: 01428 685093 - E-mail:
Website: Cranleigh and Dunsfold Karate Club's website.

Tai Chi: Although a type of internal Chinese martial art, Tai Chi has developed a worldwide following among people with little or no interest in martial training, for its benefit to health and health maintenance.
Contact: Tom Braithwaite - E-mail:
Website: Cranleigh and Dunsfold Karate Club's website.

Top-Guards: Top-Guards are high-quality, sports gumshields that are custom-made by a qualified dentist and dental technician to protect your teeth in contact or hard ball sports - eg rugby, hockey, lacrosse and martial arts. Rather than many mass-produced or shop-bought gumshields, we pride ourselves in making premium, bespoke mouth-guards that offer optimum protection, maximum comfort and easy communication.

Contact: Dr. Debs Thomas (Dental Surgeon) who has been a Dunsfold resident since 2003
Telephone: 07786 673938
Website: Please visit our website for more details

Keep the Young out of Mischief

Puddleducks: The Puddleducks Toddler Group for under-threes with their parents and carers meets on Wednesdays during term-time from 10am to 12noon in the Nugent Room (The Winn Hall, Dunsfold).
Contact: Hazel Wiltshire on Telephone 01403 753847.

Scouts: The Cranleigh Scout Group runs two Beaver Colonies (one on Mondays and the other on Wednesdays, both from 5.15pm to 6.30pm), one Cub Pack (Tuesdays from 6.45pm to 8.15pm), two Scout Troops (both on Thursdays from 7.30pm to 9.00pm) and one Explorer Scout Unit (Sundays from 7.30pm to 9.00pm). The group is based at Village Way, Cranleigh.
Contact: Wayne Richardson, Group Scout Leader, "Yew House", Fisher Lane, Chiddingfold, Godalming GU8 4TE Tel: 01428 683250.

Make Music or Listen to Music

Bell-Ringing: Having relaunched in October 2014, we are a friendly bunch of (mostly) comparative novices plus some absolute beginners, ranging in age from 10 upwards. We ring as often as we can for Sunday services in Dunsfold Church (St Mary and All Saints), and for the occasional wedding and other special occasions. Our regular weekly practice is on Monday evenings, 7.00-8.30pm (frequently followed by "debriefing" in The Sun). Whatever your level (or lack) of expertise, we will be very happy to welcome you.
Contact: Guy Charlesworth (Tower Captain) - 01483 200908.

Choir Singing: As you may have already gathered, the Parish Church is very musical, so you may want to lend your voice by singing in the choir. If you're at least 7 years old, you could join in. Practice is on Friday evenings from 6.00pm until about 7.00pm.
Contact: Mrs Jan Richardson (Tel: 01483 299510).

Church Music Group: If you're in any way competent as a musician, you may want to perform in some Sunday services at the Parish Church. Practice is after the choir practice (see below) and before the Family Service (which is on the first Sunday in the month). It would be helpful to have your own instrument, but not essential.
Contact: Mrs Olga Davies.

Dunsfold Music Circle: Dunsfold Music Circle consumes rather than performs music, arranging the live performance around the village of classical music by soloists or small ensembles. The focus tends to be on chamber music to be played in drawing rooms by young musicians at or recently from the leading music colleges, the concerts being held once a month during the winter. Because the venues are small numbers are limited, but over the past few years new members have replaced leavers. The current subscription is 40 pounds per annum, and guest fees are set at 5 pounds per concert, space permitting. In recent years there has been at least one concert per year open to all and widely advertised, in larger venues such as the Church. Anyone interested in joining or being on the mailing list should let Alan Ground know (The Old Rectory, Church Green, Dunsfold).
Contact: Alan Ground (Tel: 01483 200438).
Cost: Current subscription is 40 pounds a year.

Pursue Politics

Conservatives - Dunsfold Branch: The only political group known to have a formal organisation in Dunsfold.
Contact: Alan Ground - Chairman (Tel: 01428 200438; Email:
Cost: New members will be asked for a minimum annual subscription of 25 pounds.

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