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Section Editors' Introduction

Early in 2000 Julian Richardson prepared a village e-mail directory. It was the catalyst for the proposal that we should go further and create a village website of which the directory would simply form a small part. Paddy Firmston-Williams, Ian Greaves, Brenda Jenner, Gillian Kisch, Wynn Pearson, Creighton Redman, John Simper, Geoff Sweatman, Roy West and Richard Woof provided sponsorship. Some of the sponsors, together with other residents, agreed to look after the various sections.

The site went live in September 2000. Our aim was to reflect all interests and age groups. We want to involve the whole village, particularly the younger members.

We welcome help, suggestions and contributions (particularly items for the news section) - please email the webmaster. Please use the Businesses and Classified Ads sections - they are free for local businesses and residents.

The Section Editors

Technical Guidance



Q. Windows users - what browser should I use?

A. Microsoft has a dominant share of the market with its Internet Explorer browser. For a long time its main rival was Netscape Navigator. But Netscape's owner, AOL, has given up the fight and on I February 2008 ceased supporting its browser and recommended that Nestcape users transfer to Firefox. If you do want to try an alternative to Internet Explorer you can try one of the other browsers such as Firefox or Opera, which are said to have different advantages over Internet Explorer. However whichever browser you use it is worth getting the up-to-date version. Free downloads can be obtained from the following sites -

Finding this website more easily using Internet Explorer

Q. How do I make this Dunsfold village website automatically open as my home page?

A. If you would like to start each browsing session with this website this is what to do:

  • click tools
  • then Internet Options
  • and type the site's address [http://www.dunsfold.org] into the home page address field.
Q. If I don't want to make this website open as my home page how can I find it easily?

A. With this website's home page open on the screen click "Favourites" on the menu bar and then click "Add to Favourites" and finally click OK. This website will then be added to your list of favourites. When you want to open this website click on the "Favourites" menu and select Dunsfold Village Website. If you add a large number of website to your "Favourites" section you can split the section into separate named folders.

For an even quicker way of reaching this website you can create a shortcut on the desktop. With the home page of this website open click on the icon next to the website url in the address bar at the top of the screen. Then holding down the left mouse button drag the icon to the task bar at the bottom of the screen (but do not release the mouse button). This will cause the open window to minimise and show the desktop. While still holding down the mouse button drag the icon to wherever you want to place it on the desktop and then release the button.

Site map

Q. How do I find my way around the website if I get lost?

A. Click the words "Site Map" which appear in the table of contents in the menue bar on the left of the screen, whichever page is open (or now click here). The Site Map will show you the structure of the website and you will then be able to navigate to any part by a single click on the relevant words.

View the website full screen

Q. Is there any way that I can use more of the screen to view a page on the website?

A. Internet Explorer has a full screen mode which maximises the area available for displaying a web page. Click "View" in the menu bar and then "Full Screen". To return to normal operation with the mouse move the cursor right to the top of the page and click the restore button, which then appears, at the top right corner of the screen as two interlocking rectangles.


Q. How do I find the links on this Dunsfold village website?

A. By default a web page displays text links to other pages and websites in blue and underlined, with visited links changing to purple. However the links in this website don't follow this convention. The links in the left hand menu bar change to a darker green background. However all the other links follow the default colour blue but change to black with underlining and do not permanently change colour after being visited. You can tell a text link because the cursor changes to a hand when passing over it. It's possible that the settings on your PC have been altered (1) to show text links in a different colour (2) to remove the default underlining.


Q. Is there somebody I can contact if I have a query regarding this website?

A. Yes - please e-mail [the webmaster].


Q. Can I change the size of the type on the website?

A. If you are using Internet Explorer click "View", then click "Text Size", click one of the five options shown between SMALLEST-LARGEST. Internet Explorer will change your browser window to your required text size.

Searching the World Wide Web

Use of search engines

Links to search engines and web directories

Apart from the ubiquitous Google there are a number of other useful search engines including the recommended - "AltaVista", "HotBot" and "Yahoo".

About Dogpile Lycos Speedsearch
AltaVista Excite UK Metacrawler UK Plus
Ask Jeeves (UK) Go2net MSN Search Webcrawler
Ask Jeeves (inter'nal) Google Mirago Yahoo
Beaucoup HotBot Northern Light Yell
AOL Search Infoseek Search UK 37 search engines

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